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IsZEB cooperative formation

ZARIFOPOULOS S.A., a company that has repeatedly been distinguished in “Diamonds of the Greek Economy” from 1972 until today, proves in practice how dedicated we are in innovation, growth and cooperation.

We are establishing the IsZEB Cooperative Formation, along other strategic partners.

Headquartered in the Region of Central Macedonia, it aims to provide advice, tools and guidelines to the construction industry, so that it can improve its competitiveness in both national and international level by taking advantage of emerging technologies.

The IsZEB Cooperative Formation’s growth pillars are innovation, research and development, cooperation and training of its members. It proceeds in synergies with universities, institutes and research centers worldwide, providing a wide range of support. This ranges from strategic analysis of the international business environment to the identification of new opportunities. It proceeds from networking and access to state-of-the-art infrastructure and pioneering methods, to the theoretical and practical training of its members in new, specialized technologies, while facilitating access to various funding sources.

In its short time of action, IsZEB has already organised an online conference titled “A New Digital Era for the Construction Industry in Greece through Building Information Modeling” in collaboration with ΙΤΙ, under the auspices of the Central Macedonia sector of the Technical Chamber of Greece. It has also participated in three European programmes:

D2EPC – The Next-Generation Dynamic Digital EPCs for Enhanced Quality and User Awareness” which lays the foundations for the next generation of dynamic energy performance certificates (EPCs) for buildings.

ACCEPT – Active Communities & Energy Prosumers for the Energy Transition” which suggests a series of tools to support energy communities.

RESPONSE – Integrated solutions for Positive Energy and Resilient Cities” which aims in creating a strategic vision for energy transition in smart cities, that will be climate neutral until 2030.

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