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Constant growth and innovation

Our main goal is the constant development of both the company and its staff. Z Innovation Labs contribute in this direction through the constant search for innovation, the acquisition and good use of new knowledge, and the collaboration with entities at the cutting edge of technology and science.

Supporting research in Greece

Z Innovation Labs’ modus operandi promotes meaningful collaboration with the country’s research institutions (whether they come from academia or the private sector). We offer researchers the possibility to transfer their proposals to commercial implementations and solutions, through a process of supporting and testing the results in real conditions.

Creation of new, advanced solutions

The ultimate goal of Z Innovation Labs is the design and implementation of new solutions, products or services that will surpass the state-of-the-art limit and give the company a significant competitive advantage.

Outreach and extroversion via international collaborations

Creating added value from the above actions has a clear orientation towards extroversion, which is necessary both for the commercial scaling of the produced solutions, and for the transfer of know-how from experts outside Greece’s borders.