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Z Innovation Labs operates in activites in the following sectors:

New, original services and solutions development

  • We design and implement solutions ab initio or finish existing ones.
  • Our solutions concern existing market needs.
  • A basic axis of our methodology is proof-of-Concept development and sampling of suggested solutions, as well as their evaluation.
Research solutions support and productiation
  • Our goal is the commercial promotion of research results. Therefore, we support their constant evaluation and pilot testing in field.
  • -Solutions are relevant to the company’s existing commercial solutions, but have clear advantages. Ease of use, performance, cost and increased reliability being some of them.

Participation in national and european research projects

Aiming to promote outreach, extroversion, diffusion of expertise, and a culture of constant growth, we participate in cooperative research projects.
Under these projects, our company undertakes the following activities:


The nature of the commercial projects that ZARIFOPOULOS S.A. implements for decades now has built up considerable experience in collecting and documenting specifications for real systems. Designing complex solutions is part of our staff’s daily life.


Our company has a number of experienced and fully qualified engineers and researchers.

System Completion

As an integrator of turnkey solutions, our company has long experience in this role.

Evaluation via field tests

Our research solutions’ practical installation, operation and support -as well as their effectiveness- have to be evaluated. We have to identify points that need improvement, as a prerequisite for their successful implementation. You can trust us on this one, as we have the experience and expertise needed to back it up!


Research Fields

Technologically advanced security systems for infrastructure and personnel, and fire detection of indoor or outdoor spaces.
Smart applications that leverage machine vision and learning algorithms in order to automate security and operational processes.
Applications based on modern sensor networks (IoT) that provide business intelligence and optimisation at municipal and regional level management.
Complete building management with integrated new technologies and the possibility of automating all the basic processes involved.
Our research interest is not limited to the already mentioned fields. Everything related to our core activities is a field of research for us. Examples include applications with Unmanned Vehicles (UxVs), asset tracking applications etc.